Created by Peter Draw, otherwise known as Peter Zhuo (born 1984, Singapore), Ai and Aiko exist to remind us that everything is going to be alright, because love can happen anywhere. Exuding great universal appeal and disarming charm, Ai and Aiko present human realities that poignantly defines modern life; Sorrow, Love and finding one’s Life Purposes.

Conceptualized to illustrate the power of transformations; Ai’s name is a common sound that can define Ai1 哀(Sorrow) and Ai4 愛(Love) with just different intonation; and how in life, with human conditions the same can happen. Ai and Aiko are relatable embodiments of the human spirit, projecting love, kinship, friendship, sorrow, and imagination as they wend their way through a myriad of adventures that reinforce the underlying purpose of existence and its comforting slogan, “Love Can Happen Anywhere.”