Main Characters


A little child who always wears a blue scarf on top of his red sweater, Ai is kind, innocent and imaginative. Ai believes the most beautiful curve in the world is your smile so he loves to see everyone smile. That’s why he wants to help everyone regardless of who they are.with the help of his friends can create new solutions to overcome problems.

On weekdays, Ai enjoys helping Grandpa run the cafe and serve customers. Although sometimes he may be a little clumsy, Ai enjoys serving customers. Ai loves hot cocoa so when he finishes his daily tasks, he drink.



Aiko is a friendly little brown dog who is Ai's faithful companion.
Aiko is generally very friendly with everyone he meets.
However, Aiko has the ability to smell people who are evil so he can protect Ai from them. Aiko always helps Grandpa at the café and is very good at welcoming customers.
When there are no patrons, Aiko will curl up comfortably at different corners of the café to take naps.
This sociable dog feels at ease when he’s around his friends and becomes uncomfortable when he’s alone in tiny spaces.



Grandpa is a kind old man who always wears a red sweater. He owns a cafe and loves to draw. When he was young, he travelled all over the world where he drew portraits of people in the various places he visited. When he got older, he decided to come back to set up a cafe so that he could live a simple and peaceful life. At the café, Grandpa still draws and shows his artwork in the café. Pictures of Ai, Aiko and their friends are taking up more of the display area there.
Grandpa loves to help people as much as he can but with his old age, Grandpa is increasingly encouraging Ai to help them instead. Grandpa is forgetful sometimes, which causes some humorous situations.
In his spare time, Grandpa loves to draw pictures or have a sip of steaming hot matcha latte with his cat Genki lying on his lap.
A wonderful storyteller, Grandpa always has interesting stories from his experiences to share with the children.



Genki is a bored cat who doesn't like to hang out with anyone, except for Grandpa who adopted him from the street. Genki doesn’t trust people because when he was a street cat, a boy attacked him, leaving him with a shortened tail.
A fluffy cat who loves to be alone and quiet, Genki likes to sunbathe in the warm sun rays at a quiet corner of the cafe by the window.
Oh, and Genki loves to “accidentally” push things off the table.



Kei is a cheeky girl, full of fun and excitement. She has a sincere heart but doesn't trust easily. She often speaks exactly what she thinks without any ulterior motives.
Also, she can’t bear to see others being taken advantage of. Kei often comes to the cafe to play because she loves the sweets there. She is the one who brings people who are seeking help to the cafe because she wants free sweets from Grandpa as a reward.
This bubbly girl goes on adventures with Ai and her enthusiastic character energises her friends. Kei often needs to remind Ai not to panic in difficult situations, assuring him that everything is going to be alright.
When she’s free, Kei loves pedalling her bike around the neighbourhood.



Kotton is a chubby and fluffy rabbit who is always with Kei.
Kotton loves to eat food and never feels full.
After gobbling down her food, Kotton will take naps, which she loves.
Though Kotton is a good friend to everyone, she will often secretly eat her friends’ food. This cute rabbit has magical powers to help people when there’s a crisis.