Main Characters


A young boy who always wears a blue scarf and a red sweater, Ai is kind, innocent and imaginative, believing the most beautiful curve in the world is a smile. Ai wants to see everyone smile and will do so by fixing others’ problems with his friends - finding solutions to overcome any difficulty.

During the week, Ai loves to help Grandpa run the cafe. Although Ai can be clumsy, he enjoys serving customers and spending quality time with Grandpa. At the end of this shift, Ai always enjoys a cup of hot cocoa - it’s his favorite!



Aiko is a friendly little brown dog and Ai's most faithful companion - ensuring to always keep him safe! Aiko is able to sniff people and know if they’re evil, so he can protect Ai and Grandpa from all of the bad in this world. Aiko will come to the cafe with Ai and Grandpa, welcoming customers on busy days and taking naps on slower ones. Aiko loves being around his friends so much that he feels uncomfortable when he is alone, so Ai and Grandpa keep Aiko company and take care of him.



Grandpa, a kind old man always in a red sweater, owns the cafe and loves to draw. Growing up, he spent years traveling all over the world and drawing portraits of people. As he got older, Grandpa looked for a simple and peaceful life, so he opened the cafe. While he can be forgetful at times, Grandpa loves reminiscing on his travels and sharing stories with customers as he serves them in the cafe. Luckily, Grandpa is still able to draw and display his artwork of Ai, Aiko, and their friends on the cafe walls. When Grandpa isn’t working at the cafe or drawing, he enjoys a steaming hot matcha latte with his cat, Genki, curled up on his lap.



Genki is a fluffy street cat that Grandpa adopted and now nurtures. Because Genki experienced traumas in his past, such as a boy attacking him and hurting his tail, Genki does not like to hang out with many people besides Grandpa. Instead, Genki prefers to sunbathe in the sun’s rays, curled up in a nice quiet corner of the cafe. While he is mostly quiet and calm - Genki can be mischievous, as he loves to “accidentally” push things off the table.



Kei is a cheeky, bubbly girl, full of fun and excitement. She likes to bike to the cafe, enjoy a yummy treat, and then go on adventures with Ai. Many times when visiting the cafe, Kei will bring a new customer and Grandpa will thank her for the new business with sweets! Kei’s heart is as big as her sweet tooth - she is calming, sincere, speaks her mind, and is a great friend to Ai.



Kotton, a chubby, fluffy rabbit, is always with Kei. She loves eating food and never feels full! She will even secretly eat her friends’ food. Once mealtime is over, Kotton takes a nice long nap. Kotton has a special magic power to help people when there is a crisis.